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Track Listing:

1. Pressman  2. Asher  3. Mother Necessity  4. Something to Tell

5. Talking Sleep  6. On the Fence  7. Strange Effect

8. Not Every Little Boy Grows Up To Be President  9. Roses

10. For the Birds  11. Telegraphic Reruns  12. Small Change  

13. Zapruder  14. Whisper


John: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards

Billy: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Accordion

Bryce: Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Shane: Bass, Vocals, Face Slaps, Finger Snaps

Featuring Dan Sagendorph on Trumpet

Recorded by Bellwether Blues @ Hillside Dive

Mixing and Engineering by John Griffin @ Griffin Audio Media

Mastering by Collin Jordan @ The Boiler Room

Artwork by Chris Tankiewicz        ©2017.  All Rights Reserved

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For The Birds

now available!

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