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 Billy - Guitar/ Vocals   John - Guitar/ Vocals      Bryce - Drums/Perc.     Shane - Bass/Vocals

We are Bellwether Blues, a four piece rock band from Lake County Illinois with psychedelic and blues influences. Although blues is in the name, this is no blues band. Our music defies easy categorization yet we show our affinity for rock and roll and its pioneering elements with our performances and song catalog. Our sound displays a wide range of musical styles and influences, has a strong melodic component, and appropriately uses three-part harmonies to make our tunes captivate music lovers of any genre.


Bellwether Blues was formed in Lake County in late 2012 by guitarist/vocalist John Mesce, guitarist/vocalist Billy Nixon, and bassist/vocalist Shane Seebock with drummer Bryce Ring joining in early 2013. Having similar musical influences such as the Beatles, Cream, Wilco, Spoon and (of course) the blues has helped us develop the ability to play unhinged rock and roll side by side with sophisticated and attractive pop songs. We have performed throughout the Chicagoland area for the last three years, and we are eager to continue to broaden our horizons.


Ultimately, we would like to gain popularity from our original songs but we understand some venues like to provide music that is familiar to their audience. So, we can offer over two hours of original music and/or another hour of recognizable covers. Our debut album, For The Birds, introduces the world to Bellwether Blues which provides a glimpse of the first steps in a much longer journey.   While our second album, Space Junk, represents a matured cohesiveness in our song writing and performances.   Our goal is to produce enjoyable music that is meaningful and lasting. Currently, we are promoting our two albums and playing as many gigs as we can...

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